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We Are Right Where We're Supposed To Be.

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With my wedding season coming to an end this weekend, I have been thinking over the past year. And as I look at my goals and where I was "supposed to be" compared to where I am, it seems so far apart. I feel behind. Anyone else feel that way?  

But yesterday it hit me. I don't have to be where "everyone else is." Guaranteed if we sat down and actually talked about where we are at and where we want to be, we all are in the same boat. 

My journey, won't look like yours, and yours mine. And that's perfectly okay. We are all living out such different stories that play a huge part into our life, business, and relationships. We aren't supposed to fit into a "cookie cutter" plan, and once we realize (and believe) it I truly believe we will actually go further than we ever thought possible. Just because you feel like you have "so far to go", doesn't mean you haven't already done amazing things! 

Maybe we are right where we are supposed to be at this time. 

Remember you have such worth darling, no matter what. 

Emily Oud Photography Brand Video Shoot with Six Two Six Productions

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A little behind the scenes of what went down when working with Six Two Six Productions! He did such an incredible job creating a promo video that showed my new brand perfectly and my heart behind what I do, and to his wife Alysa for the stunning floral work! ♡ Being able to work with Kaihla and Mark, who are such beautiful souls and amazing creatives was a dream! The beautiful makeup was done by Makeup by Tamara Lynn (2017 brides check out her site if you are still looking for a MUA)! SO many "thank yous" go out to everyone involved! ♡

Twenty Three. The Craziest Year Yet.

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Today is my last day being 23. This past year has been the craziest one of my life yet, so I thought I would take a second to really let it all sink in. It's a tad lengthy and usually I wouldn't be this vulnerable online, but I feel like it's time for me to be a little more open and transparent with my personal life as well as a photographer. :) Because I get the honour of telling a bit of your stories, here is a little look at mine.

I do funny things, like decide I need to have my life together by 22. And here I am nearly 2 years later a hot mess most days. :)
I wish I could tell you that this past year has been crazy and totally wonderful! But the truth is, it's been the hardest one yet. But thankfully the good is just so good, that I think back on 23 and smile. 

Let's start with THE BEST THING that happened!! 
After over 3 years long distance I married my best friend. I'll do a longer post this winter of the full day, why we chose to elope and how wonderful it was! But for now here are a few photos.

♡♡♡ Wedding Photos from Kaihla Tonai ♡♡♡

We moved to Calgary and into our little apartment. It has the most wonderful light, and even though it's tinier than you can imagine, it's home and we already love it so much. ♡

Life probably looks pretty smooth and shiny on the outside, and by outside I mean social media. It's easy to keep things looking pretty and white and full of happiness. And in all honesty I just love creating images that are bright and joyful, especially when life might be going otherwise. It helps me carry on. This is where things get tough to write. My health has been all over the place since I was 16, and the past year it has been steadily getting worse. I had to quit my studies in NY to come home and get well a few years ago. But unfortunately the Drs. only have pieces of what is going on. 
Because of this I struggle with depression and anxiety. Some days I don't get out of bed, I wake up in the middle of the night having panic attacks and my skin is visibly taking the toll with my eczema being worse than ever. Sometimes I go days feeling full of energy and I think I must be getting better. It's such a rollercoaster, and I am still learning to take it one day at a time. Trying to embracing whatever comes graciously in order to ride it out. ♡ I could write a lot more on this but we will just start with this :) 

I know that this doesn't have anything to do with photography or weddings, but I think it's important to be transparent and honest even when it's not the "happiest", so you can get to know me more! ♡ I am SO thankful I can do what I do everyday. Being able to capture love is something that I adore so much. To capture the bright light that shines through when lovers are in each other's arms is so special and I know I am exactly where I need to be right now.

Next year is holding a lot of "new" starts, especially with my business. Only taking a certain amount of weddings, working with couples that have the same outlook on what a wedding day means as myself, and really focusing on travelling and living life fully with the hubs! ♡ 

So as I look back on 23 I can't help but smile because even though it has been harder than I ever imagined, there has also been so much growth, and where there is growth there is life.
And my what a beautiful life it is ♡ 


Your dreams may change shape, but the heart is always the same.

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Today I'm feeling thankful.

If you would have told me just a few years ago that I would be where I am now, I would have.. well.. not believed you at all. 😜  Right after high school I had big dreams. I went to school in NY wanting to fight injustice through design. Skip to now and I'm doing something I never thought I would be. I'm a wedding photographer. That wasn't something even on my radar!

However, as I sit here I am so grateful for this crazy beautiful life. Even though the way my dream looks may be different than before, my heart is still the same. I get to capture and share beautiful love stories, and this world needs more authentic love shared. So that's why today I am sitting here so amazed I get to do at least a little of that.

So to all the beautiful souls that have allowed me to be a part of your love story, you really don't know how thankful I am for you all! ❤️

M + A | Intimate Morning Wedding

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When Michael and Alysa first contacted me about their wedding, I knew I NEEDED to be a part of it. It was so unique, romantic, and totally them. From a first look at the break of dawn, to a wonderful brunch complete with Rosso cappuccinos, this was one of the most beautiful weekends I have had the pleasure of being a part of (It also doesn't hurt that they are both super creative and lovely people! :) ). The evening before they had close friends and family for a bbq and after putting final touches on the decor they sat down for a night of laughs, speeches, and fireworks. Dawn came quickly as we all camped out on the property. With warm smiles and anticipation of the hours to come the stunning bride got ready and well, I'll let you see the rest :)

Saturday Evening 7:00 pm . . .


Sunday 3:00 AM . . .