Emily Oud

I am a lover of the way shadow kisses the light. 

As a hopeless romantic, I believe in the unique wedding! Style is personal, and your wedding should reflect that. For me it's about capturing that real, honest love! 


for the romantics.


It's so important to make sure you find a photographer that fits with who you are as a couple! 

We resonate with people that are like minded so let me share a bit of who I am.
For me weddings are about taking a step back from the expectations of others and traditions you feel like you need to follow just because. It's about intentionally planning a day that is full of heart and reflects the celebration of two souls promising forever. 

Even though I do specialize in small gatherings and elopements, I focus on who you are as a couple, not the size of the wedding or a specific style of decor. Whether you are choosing to keep it simple or planning a party to dance the night away, I want to be there!



// Stephen and I met in college when we were eighteen, and five years later we eloped! We were surrounded by our immediate family, the mountains as our backdrop, and the rain our soundtrack. So simple, and the best day! I have been obsessed with capturing the raw moments of life and love ever since!

// We love honest conversations over multiple cups of coffee or chai. 

// He took business school, I studied art and design.

// We fly to New York City just to people watch.

// We are all about stories. We love hearing how you two met and what is important to you as a couple! 

// We have a little labradoodle pup named Kodi (short for Kodak and/or the band Kodaline!) She is the sweetest, and we want to start having meet ups at our house just so you can meet her... but seriously!

// Most of all we value "real". We really try to live life embracing the messy and finding beauty in the simple things.