visual branding + MENTORING


Are you ready to take your business to the next level?!
It can be hard to know what to do next, or maybe you have a vision for your brand but don't know how to make it a reality. 

These mentor sessions are set up to be tailored to YOU and where you are at within your business. We will work through whatever is holding you back in order to take your photography + business to the next level!

We can go over anything photography related but this is REALLY focused on finding your style, your visual brand, and infusing your "why" into every aspect of your business!


_________Two meet ups - $350

+ Coffee dates to chat over any questions you may have (nothing is off the table!) We can go over your website, editing style, visual brand, how to book your ideal client etc.
+ It's a great place to start and I want to leave you inspired for what's next
+ After the two sessions, I am going to be checking up on your progress and how you are doing! We get to meet up an extra time (WOO!) and make sure that you are feeling good to get to your goals!

(Want to add some photos in there?! We can totally add a portfolio building session. Just let me know!)


_________SIX meet ups - $950

+ This is a visual brand + personal style intensive. What does that mean? That it really focuses on finding what sets you apart, and putting your WHY into every aspect of your brand!
+ We will get to meet up and chat on all things photography, business, as well as make moves towards reaching your goals and booking ideal clients!
+ We will work in depth on your visual branding, create a custom mood board together for you, and create clear direction for your brand.
This includes a BRAND NEW LOGO (if needed) and a mini website refresh.
+ Fresh new portrait of YOU for your about page. (FYI This won't be your normal headshot, let's get creative!)
+ Portfolio building! We get to go shoot together, going over posing/directing, your editing style, etc.