New York in December (Part 1 ) | This Constant Love

I travelled to Rochester NY to once again visit this handsome guy here. Our mornings are always spent either walking outside in the chilly air with Journey (Sweetest black lab ever!), or tea and toast curled up on the couch. <3 Either way mornings are always the best! 

The night before we flew out to NYC (yup Stephen had surprised me a few weeks before by buying tickets to the city for a couple days! ) we stayed up late and drank caramel hot cocoa with the coziest of fires! Stephen, me, his brother John, and his gf Kenzie, all headed out bright and early to the airport. For some reason 4am doesn't seem so bad when you're headed out to an amazing place with even more amazing people! ;)

ANNNND welcome to New York!
Days were spent walking hours to visit the best coffee shops and ducking into adorable little streets lined with row houses. I have been to the city several times now and each time we explore the city in a new way. Our hotel was right near Times Square and Central Park! Everything was decorated for the holidays and even though it looked more like October than December... note the very green grass... on every corner you could hear some sort of Christmas music playing/being sung. 

The four of us went for some yummy pasta and it was POURING by the time we were finished. Turns out we all like the rain, and we decided to go see the light show at Rockefeller Centre. Running through puddle after puddle, we literally wiped the water from our faces! It was the best! 

After that the "plan" was just to head back to the hotel and relax for the rest of the night... turns out that wasn't the plan at all. Kenzie and John suddenly said they were off, while Stephen took my hand telling me we should go see Central Park all lit up! 

We climbed some of the giant rocks in the park and as I gazed up at the beautiful night sky, lit up by the Christmas and city lights combined, the rain now a light sprinkle, Stephen said he had my Christmas gift for me.

My heart started pounding as I realized what was happening, and he knelt down.
Let's just say I still can't stop smiling :)

To be continued!