The Beginning | This Constant Love

So here it is. A new blog series! "This Constant Love" is all about being vulnerable and for you guys to get to know me at a more personal level. Basically, a glimpse into who I am and my heart. I honestly haven't blogged much before on "personal/life stuff" because I never thought anyone would be interested in reading it, but after talking with another photographer this past week, she inspired and encouraged me to take the plunge and just put it out there. So that's what I'm going to do (however nervous I might be)!

I always ask my couples to tell me a bit about their story. I LOVE seeing a couple look at each other  the second I pose this question. Their reactions vary from a smirk which turns into a laugh, to each taking turns finishing parts of the story, but always always they find each others eyes and share a moment.

I get to know you and your beautiful, unique stories but I have never really opened up about my own. I think it's about time that I did. So let's start at the beginning of my own love story! 

We met as freshmen in college. It was a night filled with bonfires, marshmellows, and hay rides. He says it was love at first sight, and I say I don’t believe in such things. Our story isn’t perfect, and it’s far from the norm, but it’s ours and I love it.

I studied design for 2 years in Rochester NY, and that's where I met him. That was nearly 4 years ago. Yup, we've been doing long distance for over 2 years now. I honestly didn't pay attention at the time... other than laughing at his hilarious comments the entire hay ride... but he was determined to catch my eye and exactly one year later (the night of the hayride take two) he asked me out.

Love came like a tidal wave and totally caught me unaware. I mean, I tried to friend zone the poor guy for a solid 10 months. Thankfully, he never gave up and became the best thing that ever happened to me. I never thought that I would fall in love with the guy that made me laugh on the hay ride, the guy from English class that would wait to walk with me, and the guy that became my best friend, but boy did I. Our story isn't perfect, and it's far from the norm, but it's ours and I love it.

For now that's just the start and I can't wait to share more of it (among with many other things like travel, long distance, favourite coffee shops etc) with this series! I'm flying to NY next week for July 4th and am planning on posting a few times on my adventures there! (Follow along on Instagram!! @emilyoud )

Thanks for taking the time to read and follow along with "This Constant Love" and all that it will bring!
If you ever have questions or topics (about anything) you would like discussed on the blog let me know and I will definitely do my best to answer them!