Mountain Loving, Summer Air | This Constant Love

Another trip here and gone again. This was the first time we were able to experience the mountains in the summertime together, and they didn't disappoint! We left for Canmore early with no plan other than to enjoy every second of the day. 

We stopped at Rave Coffee (amazing stuff) enjoyed a warm drink just as the sun was starting to warm the morning air. 

If I never had to wear shoes, I wouldn't, and my man just so happens to be the same way. For some reason we always spend the last day together near water. So we walked in the river, and let the sound of the wind urging the water downstream fill our hearts. It has become such a bittersweet song.

A lovely lady introduced me to this place earlier this summer (thank you Kaihla Tonai!), and now Communitea is my go to spot while in Canmore! Seriously, the food is spot on.


When not in the mountains or on the road we get to do normal things that can't happen long distance, like breakfast and coffee on the front porch, my mom wanting a "nice photo of us" (which still never really works out ;), and walking for hours side by side.

And just like that my heart is back in NY. Until next time. <3